The network today by Ryer williams

After thousands of years of evolution, the reptilian network is now a vast and often
unfathomable web of interconnecting secret societies, banks, businesses, political
parties, security agencies, media owners, and so on. But its basic structure and Agenda
remains very simple.

The centre of the operational web is the City of London with interlocking
leaderships in places like France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the United
States. These are the spiders in the web with the City of London, ‘New Troy’, the most
important. From this centre the Global Agenda and policies are administered and their
‘branch managers’ introduce those policies in each country. So if it suits the Global
Agenda to crash the US dollar, the Mexican peso, the South African rand, or the Far
East stock-markets, the branch managers in those areas will take the action necessary to
do that. The Brotherhood don’t suffer, indeed quite the opposite, because they know
what is coming. The major Brotherhood banks in the United States, like the
Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan, increased their profits on the Mexican peso in 1991,
the year the value of the peso collapsed, because they sold their peso holdings just
before the crash. In 1987, the late billionaire financier and Rothschild relative, Jimmy
Goldsmith, sold all his holdings just before the world stock-market crash. A
coincidence, of course.
At the heart of the web, or the top of the pyramid, whichever analogy you choose,
are the reptilians.

These operate mostly in the background from underground bases and
overwhelmingly by possessing the reptilian-human bloodstreams which resonate most
closely to the reptile consciousness of the lower fourth dimension. These reptile fullbloods
and reptile-possessed people hold the major positions of power in the world or
work in the background controlling those in the positions of apparent power like prime
ministers and presidents. Having a reptilian or reptilian-controlled human as president
might sound fantastic if you have allowed yourself to have your vision of possibility
suppressed to the size of a pea, but when you see the evidence put together over
thousands of years, it makes perfect sense of the ‘mysteries’ of history. People ask me
the understandable question of why anyone would want to dedicate their lives to taking
over a planet when they knew they were going to die long before it was achieved.
Answer: The consciousness controlling that body is only using it as an overcoat, a
space suit, until it wears out. When that happens, it possesses another one. These same
reptilians have been occupying the bodies of all the main players in the conspiracy.