Land of the ‘free by Ryer williams

The most powerful country on the planet today would appear to be the United States of
America if you believe what you are told. But the United States has always been
controlled from London and still is. America has never been the land of the free and it’s
time it was.

The focus of the world has been on big, bad America, as the global villain while all
the time the events blamed on Americans have been orchestrated by the Elite of the
Babylonian Brotherhood in England and elsewhere. The apparent break up of the
British Empire and Britain’s decline, on the surface, as the super power, has further
obscured, on purpose, where the real power lies. I emphasise that by London I do not
mean the British Government which is just another facade no matter who is in office. I
mean that for historical and other reasons the major operational centre of the secret
society web of the reptile Brotherhood is based in London or New Troy and, to a large
extent, Paris, Brussels and Rome, also. Once again, to understand what has happened in
the United States we have to go back a very long time. The Phoenicians landed there in
ancient times and what appeared to be Egyptian (Phoenician) or Oriental remains were
found in the Grand Canyon in the early years of this century, although the knowledge of
this has been suppressed. The naming of the US city of Phoenix in the Valley of the Sun
in Arizona was inspired by an understanding of the true history of that area, no matter
what the official version may wish us to believe. There is evidence that the Welsh, Irish,
English and Scots landed in North America many centuries before Columbus.
The official story that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas is
ludicrous. A few miles from Edinburgh in Scotland today still stands Rosslyn
Chapel, that holy grail of the Brotherhood Elite. It was built in the shape of a
Templar cross by the St Clair-Sinclair family and is a mass of esoteric symbolism.
The foundations were laid in 1446 and it was completed in the 1480s. How
remarkable then that the stonework at Rosslyn includes depictions of sweetcorn and
cacti which were only found in America and Christopher Columbus did not
‘discover’ that continent until 1492! How could this be? There is, in fact, no mystery.
Christopher Columbus was not even nearly the first white person to land in the
Americas. The Phoenicians, Norse, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, Basques and Portuguese,
all sailed to America before him and so did Prince Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn, as
documented in a rare book by Frederick I. Pohl called Prince Henry Sinclair’s
Voyage To The New World 1398. Sinclair made the journey with another Brotherhood