Global Babylon by Ryer williams

The next part of the story is covered at length, and sourced, in .. And The Truth Shall
Set You Free and I won’t repeat it all again here. I will, however sketch the
fundamentals of what happened to bridge the gap to the new and stunning information I
wish to pass on

The exploitation of the incredible continent of Africa is a classic story which
serves as an example of what has happened elsewhere. This horrific operation by the
Rothschilds, Oppenhiemers, Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner> Jan Smuts and countless
others, was organised through an Elite secret society called the Round Table, formed
in the latter years of the 19th century. It was headed by Cecil Rhodes who said he
wanted to create a world government centred on Britain. Rhodes headed the South
Africa Company and established companies like De Beers Consolidated Mines and
Consolidated Cold Fields. Rhodes was also Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and
he is said by writer John Coleman (who claims to be a former British Intelligence
operative), to have been a member of an organisation called the Committee of 300,
also known as The Olympians. These, he claims, are the three hundred people who, in
each generation, run the world under the supervision of even smaller groups above
them in the highest levels of the pyramid. I will use the abbreviation (Comm 300) to
depict others I name who are listed by Coleman.1 Some people, I should point out,
doubt Coleman’s British Intelligence connectionsntact who has worked at a
high level in the financial world, particularly in Switzerland, told me that he believes
these 300 families are the most reptilian on the planet and that is how they qualify for
their appointment to this network. Rhodes began his career in manipulation while a
student at Oxford University, that training ground for Brotherhood personnel. His
mentor was John Ruskin, the fine arts professor who is still a legend at Oxford.
Ruskin said he believed in centralised power and the state owning the means of
production and distribution. His ideas would form the official philosophy of the
British Labour Party until more recently and tbey were also included in the writings
of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and became the foundations of Marxist
communism which was soon to grip the nations of Eastern Europe. Ruskin is widely
believed by researchers to have been connected with the Bavarian Illuminati and it
was his inspiration which led to the formation of the Fabian Society, yet another
Brotherhood operation which to this day manipulates the British Labour Party and
operates further afield. Ruskin was a student of Plato’s works, as were most